Do you want an be able to offer a full self-contained performance?
Pocket friendly for Walkaround settings?
Modular, Powerful and Professional act?

If you want to be seen as a professional, you must BE a professional, and the "Walkaround Act" is the perfect combination of principles, methods, routines and ideas that you will use in your next gig.

In the small space of a MultiVelvet Bag, you will have everything that you need to perform and act that you can do around tables or in cocktail situations.

Combining the power of the "MultiVelvet" and our best-selling Minimal Jaks, you will be able to perform without any fumbling and be ready for your next gig.

1. Ungimmicked B´Wave: The classic Mentalism packet effect, with a different approach that allows  wonderful extra possibilities that are not possible with the original (you will receive the video online instruction).
2. AVMultiVelvet: A classic game, re-structured! A method that will allow you to predict ANYTHING. No secret writing, no gimmicks, just the power of the "MultiVelvet Bag" and psychological routining.
3.  Telepathic Journey: Your participant will FEEL that you are inside his mind, revealing thoughts in a credible and powerful manner.

In the complementary eBook you will not just learn the full act, but also the new ideas and strategic real-world tips that will allow you to BE a professional in performance.

With your order you will receive:
1.Three-Way MultiVelvet Bag prepared for the Act
2. Minimal Jaks
3. "Walkaround Act" Complementary eBook with full instructions for all three routines of the act and more!

• • •